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Client Endorsements

Sample Client Endorsements of Harmon Sieff

“I had the pleasure of working with Harmon when I was Executive Director of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce. Harmon was our lawyer of first resort (as he likes to say). He helped us with some potentially tricky contracts pointing out areas where we needed to protect ourselves. He asked me a lot of questions and uncovered a major lapse in insurance coverage. Without this thoughtful review, the Chamber could potentially have been financially exposed. Harmon also helped with some human resource issues giving us common sense legal advice. Harmon is the kind of lawyer that likes to prevent legal battles – not create them. And he is a really nice man to work with. I would whole heartedly recommend Harmon!” Vicki N.

“I’ve known Harmon personally for years and we have had some clients in common. He’s also helped me with a few quick legal questions. I met Harmon through volunteering in the community and admired his dedication to giving back. Our clients in common have raved about how easy he is to talk to and how he gets to the bottom of things to get their needs met. I have found his knowledge priceless when I’ve had some quick legal questions for myself or my clients. His depth of knowledge shines and he simplifies the situations making it easy to decide how to move forward.” Mitchell K.

“Excellent business attorney and trusted advisor to his clients.” Jeremy Kline

“I have known Harmon for more than a decade, and have observed how he approaches his representation of clients and his legal abilities. He is extremely diligent, pays close attention to detail, yet retains the ability to see the big picture in advancing his clients’ best interests. Harmon has a sharp legal mind and tackles complex legal issues well. He does so with the highest degree of professionalism. I recommend him highly, especially for those in need of legal advice in business matters.” Len Levy

“I have known Harmon for over 20 years. He has always been a champion for those in need of his help. He supports friends and acquaintances with a emailed monthly newsletter keeping us all abreast with opinions and changes coming down the pike. Over the years I have seen Harmon rising to whatever the situation calls for. Above all, he is a very good person and that. is what is most important.” RoseMary Regalbuto

“I have known Harmon for over 20 years. He has been a great resource when I want an independent opinion of a client’s position in a dispute. He analyzes an issue not only from the legal perspective, but also from the business and human perspective. His well rounded knowledge and depth of experience in varied areas of the law and his calm demeanor enable him to bring it all together. My clients have benefitted from my calling Harmon to get his thoughts on my strategy. Harmon has the command of the law and the ability to explain his knowledge to anyone irrespective of that person’s depth of knowledge in a particular area. This skill is invaluable.” A. Hillary Grosberg

“I highly recommend Harmon Sieff to handle legal issues you may have. Harmon is extremely knowledgeable of the law, especially real estate and trust law. I hired Harmon to help us with our lender on a short sale of a family vacation home in Palm Desert. Because of Harmon’s impeccable follow-up, his excellent people skills, and his ability to develop a rapport with the lender’s representative, Harmon Sieff was successful in saving our family $120,000.00. Personally, he was a pleasure to deal with and is a very kind and thoughtful person.” Lisa C – 2020

“I hired Harmon Sieff as my lawyer in 2012 and he has quite successfully resolved three lawsuits for me, most recently in 2019. He is a very kind and genuinely nice person who has also provided business and personal advice and legal counsel and has become a very good friend I will always hire Mr. Sieff to represent or advise me with any future legal issues I confront.” Shirley R

“As a General Partner for my Painting Company we are often presented with legal matters where I seek expertise, along with clear straightforward answers and solutions. Mr. Sieff has helped me and the company with informative advice and advocacy along with strategic plans and solutions for disputes and prolonged litigation. He is our lawyer of first resort, and will continue to be for the coming years.” Rigoberto Perez

Mr. Sieff is a well-experienced corporate, personal, litigation, and strategic counselor at law practicing in Los Angeles, California for over 30 years. For many long time clients, he is the “Lawyer of First Resort” when any legal question, issue, or dispute is encountered. Mr. Sieff and his team pride themselves on dispensing cost-effective, efficient, and decisive advice and advocacy with unflinching loyalty, respect, and determination. A sample of his client endorsements:

“In my capacity as General Manager of a large real estate holding company, I was responsible for dozens of large and substantial industrial, commercial, office, retail, and development properties throughout California. I retained Mr. Sieff regularly over the past twenty-five years for issues involving real estate, contracts, general civil matters, and prolonged litigation. He always provided thorough and well reasoned advice and advocacy which resulted in effective and satisfactory resolutions.” Daniel F. Dart.

“We first hired Harmon Sieff as an attorney in 2008 and he has served my several businesses very well ever since. He obtains great results with expert work and high integrity.” SK, Redondo Beach.

“I first hired Harmon Sieff as an attorney in 2007. Mr. Sieff did the very best for me and I would highly recommend him for anyone that needs an attorney. He is personable and an expert.” MT, Santa Monica.

“Harmon Sieff’s professional skills favorably resolved a contentious trust estate matter in 2009. Harmon is expert in his understanding and application of the law, just as importantly understands people and emotions. These abilities avoided expensive litigation. We achieved a favorable settlement while keeping our legal fees at a minimum. Harmon is the best.” SB and LRB, Pacific Palisades.

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Harmon Sieff for anyone who would benefit from the expertise of a solid business attorney. I was in a situation in 2011where I needed to sell my husband’s dental practice with minimal lead time. Harmon responded quickly and provided a detailed review and revision of my sales agreement which greatly enhanced my original document. Not only did he provide his services on time, but went far beyond what was asked for to shelter me from future liability. He made what could have been a stressful situation a positive experience…on time. And he is a Bruin”. BD, Brentwood.

“We hired Harmon Sieff as an attorney in 2000 for a business lawsuit. He obtained a great result.” PB, Santa Monica.


“Harmon has all of the qualities one would want in an attorney. He is not only dedicated and intelligent but also caring and successful. I give Harmon my highest rating.” CHB, Beverly Hills, California.

“I’ve have known Harmon Sieff nearly 30 years as my lawyer and friend. As Founder/Chairman of a mid-sized service and manufacturing corporation doing business around the world I have relied on Harmon at many crucial times, often at the last minute but always with great success. His insight and genuine concern for my business has stood the test of time. He has been with me in good times and bad and always threaded me through the tight spots. Having watched other attorneys in action, I can unequivocally state that Harmon is way above the rest.” DB, Camarillo, California.

“To whom it might concern: Harmon Sieff has been my friend, personal attorney and consultant to my companies for over 17 years. In business negotiations, if you bring a lawyer into the discussion the other side is compelled to do likewise. Once everyone is lawyer-ed up, the deal slows down. My strategy to keep the business cycle in motion is to talk with Harmon early in the process of any important venture or contentious issue. Harmon makes great suggestions about my drafts for what is best to say without the legalese or scary mumbo jumbo. His success record is 8 for 10 in resolving personnel disputes, outside parties’ claims, business contract omissions, payment matters and problems with agreements “not completely fulfilled” by the company or others, without having Harmon directly included. There are many times I’ve preferred not to be in a meeting for fear of accidently committing the company to a path without sufficient consideration. Harmon has the smooth talking gift to explain both parties’ positions and suggest agreeable results for my review; he has never let me down. Harmon is my go-to guy when I need to find the best specialist for patent, family, employee policy, tax and insurance issues, he is quick to suggest the best choices and explain why they are the best. Seldom have I been able to make such an enthusiastic recommendation regarding a business legal associate. Harmon is the only one. I have no hesitation in referring Harmon Sieff’s attorney services and I have already connected Harmon to many friends and business associates, always with a very positive outcome. Harmon Sieff is a skilled attorney and gifted communicator; he has a way of making complex ideas easy to understand and is very effective in getting even the thorniest problem resolved quickly.” RL, Burbank, California.

“I asked for Harmon’s assistance with an injury case. Right from the beginning, Harmon was extremely professional, concerned & responsive to my needs. He kept me informed about each step of the process as he interacted with the other side. He was continuously aware of my needs and made sure that I was compensated appropriately for the injury. I have referred other friends and family members to Harmon over the years and they have all found him to be extremely conscientious and concerned about the client’s needs. Harmon is a professional attorney with a strong work ethic that a client would want representing them in whatever their legal problem might be.” LK, Los Angeles, California.

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